Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Saturday at the library

I had a really nice time last Saturday at the Newport Public Library's Festival of Five, with four other New England authors.  I got to meet Tova Mirvis, Julie Wu, Nora Hall and Susan Reynolds.  I was so nervous going in but I didn't need to be.  These women are a lot of fun to talk to, and our facilitator, Mary Barrett, did a wonderful job.  We got to toss around questions from Mary and also from people in the audience.  I even got to mention my friend Marcella Burnard's newest book.

And I discovered something.  Anyone who lives in the vicinity of Newport, Rhode Island, heads up: the library has a book store.  A used book store where they sell extra copies and also donated books.  Lots of books.  For cheap. I have to go back there.

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  1. BRAVA, Noel-Anne. BRAVA. Our library here has sale books in the basement and does book exchanges and Saturday sales in the Summer.

    I am so glad that the event was great!