Wednesday, June 12, 2013


That's how I feel.  Insane. Writing has its own kind of insanity but I can't blame my current insanity on writing,  because I'm not writing.  I should be writing.  Everyone says I should be writing now, since the semester is over.  I say I should be writing now.  So what's the problem?  Editing.  And more editing. That is real insanity.  And formatting.  That's worse insanity.  (Yes, I know, some of those are not complete sentences but I'm insane; remember?) The print version of "A Changed World" will be out soon.  "Soon" means after I address another issue with the format or some other problem.  Do I like how this looks; do I like the layout on that?  Insanity?  Okay, I'm done whining.  I need to get up earlier so I can write.

And yes, you did read that right: a print version of "A Changed World" will be out soon, whatever "soon" means.