Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It's not a new book but it is new in trade paperback.  It's "Meow Cat Poems", finally available in print.  I am more than pleased to have this out, with its cover featuring two of my past dearly loved cats.  (And yes, I took the cover picture; I'm kind of proud of that.)

Before anyone gets on my case again, yes, I am working on the sequel to "Tiger Lily", which is a little overdue.  I was supposed to finish it this summer, ahem, but as usual, things got in the way.  One of those things was dealing with getting "Meow" into print (proofread this, change that, check the cover, okay something else).  I really didn't accomplish a whole lot this past summer, although I did read "A Game of Thrones", which should count for something.

Anyway, the "Tiger Lily" sequel should be done soon, I hope, and in the meantime check out "Meow Cat Poems: in print!  Yes, it is still available in e-format, also, but Amazon hasn't linked the two editions yet.