Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cat poetry!

I have a new book of poetry out, "Meow, Cat Poems".  Is this a book of poems about cats or by cats or both?  I'll let the reader decide. The poems range from the serious to the humorous, including a limerick about the cat from Nantucket, which I wrote on a dare.  (It's clean; that was the dare.)  The book is available in e-formats only, from either Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Both stores give away free apps for reading on devices other than kindle or nook. (Yes, I know some of you read books on your phones.  Some day you can tell me just how you do that.) I especially love the cover, a photograph of two of my former cats in a playful confrontation.  Their spirits still inspire me.

By the way; my Maine Coon-esque cat Cal claims that he is the true author of this book, at least by virtue of having shed enough fur on my keyboard.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Curiosity has arrived safely on Mars.  I still feel like jumping up and down.  I have always been in love with the Red Planet, ever since sneaking Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars books into class in middle school. 

I know there are no civilizations on Mars, lost or extant.  I believe, all the same, that there was life there.  It is even possible that life may still be there.  After all, Mars is the most Earth-like of the planets, our sister planet. There was water on Mars.  If there is life on Mars, presumably in microbial form, I hope nothing from Earth contaminates it.

Curiosity is well named.  Humans, members of our genus, have been pushing the boundaries of exploration for hundreds of thousands of years.  Despite its drawbacks, the curiosity of the human race has served us well.  May Curiosity serve us well on the Red Planet.  And I can't wait for all the pictures!