Monday, April 10, 2017

Wait. I forgot Goodreads?

Someone recently told me she had read “A Changed World” and enjoyed it. She said there was a really nice review of it on Goodreads, which is how she found it. Goodreads. Hmm. I have an account on Goodreads but I have been remiss about doing anything with it, anything at all. Had I been missing something? I went over there to look.  

I have been missing a lot, apparently. There is all sorts of stuff happening there, so much that I almost ran away again, overwhelmed. But I didn’t. I decided to get my feet wet slowly and find books that I might want to read. That wasn’t hard to do and I have lists now. And yes, I did check out the reviews of “A Changed World.” There’s a really nice one. Now back to making lists of books I want to read. Oh wait, here are links to stores with “A Changed World”: