Monday, February 11, 2013

Climate Change, Anyone?

We had about 30 inches of snow. That's quite pretty at first and then rather less attractive when you have to shovel it. And when you realize there are several layers of ice hidden in it from the times when it decided to sleet instead of snow. 

We lost power only intermittently but we lost internet, phone and tv for two days. I was in severe internet withdrawal and just about to head out to find the internet cafe (yes, we freed up a car!) when the connections returned. We still have huge blobs of ice on the lines. I've got my fingers crossed that they melt without taking anything down. 

We lost two trees, big pines, from on top of our stone wall, which runs along the sidewalk. Poor trees, so sad! Then the town decided to push the downed trees into our front steps, effectively blocking our front door, and then have the plows push all the heavy snow from the road into the trees.  This makes a fortification of which any medieval monarch would be proud.  Sharp pine branches poke through the thick, high wall of compacted snow.  No one's getting in and we ain't gettin' out. Not that way.

And now we have freezing rain glazing everything.  That's okay.  Temps are forecast to rise into the forties.  Then tonight it will all refreeze.  Supposedly, climate change brings with it weird extremes and raging storms. Are we having fun yet?