Monday, December 26, 2016

You never know what might happen in a bookstore

On Christmas Eve I was in my local bookstore, buying a book for my husband. The place was jammed. This made me happy, as not everyone was buying calendars; there were plenty of people lining up to pay for actual books. I wandered around as best I could through the crush of people, enjoying the feeding frenzy. I found myself in the science fiction section, unsurprisingly. When the other customers briefly cleared away, I realized that right in front of me were a couple of books by an author whose name I recognized: Noel-Anne Brennan. For no good reason I pulled out a copy of “Tiger Lily”.  Yup, it was definitely my book, and I started to push it back.

“Oh!” said the young woman beside me. “That’s a good book! You should read it!”

I blinked in surprise and stared after her. I suspect my mouth was hanging open.  She had already moved on, disappearing into the crush of people. You never know what might happen in a bookstore.