Friday, December 13, 2013

The beauty of winter trees

One of the best things about winter in a cold climate is the trees.  I know people think I'm crazy for saying that.  After all, it's cold, freezing, and the leaves have fallen. Except for the evergreens, of course, which have their own beauty, all year.  The leaves are no longer green or even the colors of autumn's flames.  They are brown, lying in untidy heaps.  What is there to like?  The trees are bare.

That is the beautiful part.  Without their leaves, the trees show their lines, graceful against the winter skies.  Standing alone at the edges of driveways or weaving their branches together in the woods, the trees are magical.  I never tire of looking at them, striped with sunlight and shadow, or catching the snow in long branches.  One of the best things about winter is the trees.