Friday, July 15, 2011

The Typo Demon

"Daughter of the Desert" is now out in Kindle format on Amazon. I am bedeviled by the same concern I have for "The Sword of the Land" and "The Blood of the Land" in their kindle formats, namely, has the Typo Demon run amuck?  

The Typo Demon is well-known, of course.  The Typo Demon attacks anyone's work, from the term papers of students to the software of NASA engineers.  (If you don't believe me, just google "typos".)  When print books become e-books there is even more opportunity for mayhem.  Now the Typo Demon has an added title: Format Demon.  

I'm sure anyone with an e-reader has stumbled across the Format Demon.  Why is there a line break here in the text that makes no sense?  Why is there an extra space there for no reason?  Or even worse, why are those extraneous, html-like characters inserted somewhere else?  You know the answer, of course.  It's the Format Demon.  The Typo Demon, at your disservice.   

I hope my e-books are relatively demon-free, even though I know there is no escaping the Typo Demon entirely.  It seems that no matter how often you try to proofread something, mistakes always escape into the wild.  Know what I maen?

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