Saturday, July 9, 2011


I suppose I should glow in the dark.  Either that or transform into some super-human mutant like Spiderman.  I have had far too much radiation in my life. Yesterday I had a CT scan for what turns out to be, not the dreaded diverticulitis but maybe just a a virus.  I had to drink lots of revolting contrast material for this scan and then get it intravenously as well. There are very, very interesting side-effects from this.  I'm still waiting for the super-human powers, though.


  1. "Just a virus" medical speak for "we have no clue" - all while you get to wonder if your superpower will be something fun like walking through walls, or something mundane like being able to alphabetize an entire can of alphabet soup before it heats up on the stove.

  2. Marcella, I asked my doctor if he was going to bring on the leeches. He said he was ordering blood tests, so I guess the answer was "yes".

    I suspect my superpower is the virtually unstoppable urge to correct people who confuse "lie" and "lay".