Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Who Needs Poetry

Poetry was my first literary love. I started writing it when I was a very little child. Adults discouraged me after the initial, “aww how cute” response. Poetry was nice, I was told, but it didn’t sell. You could never earn a living with it. I didn’t care and I persisted, even though the adults shook their heads. 

I didn’t need to earn a living with poetry, although that would certainly have been nice. Poetry enabled me to understand life, to go deeper into the world. I felt I could understand rocks and trees and stars and yes, people, much better. And I could feel. Feeling worked better than intellect sometimes. What’s the point of all this? I’m still writing poetry and now I get to share some of it. My new poetry book “Moonstorm”, will be out soon on Amazon and the ibookstore. But the real point: who needs poetry? I think we all need poetry.

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