Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Back to Work

I’m behind schedule. I apologize for that.  “The Forests of the Night”, the next book in the “Tiger Lily” series should have been approaching publication. It’s not, and there are excuses, uh, I mean reasons for that. Health issues, work load (my “other” job), all sorts of stuff. I kept telling myself that as soon as some of this was resolved, I would get the rewrites done. I have now officially lost patience with myself. Whatever else is going on, I’m getting back to work, no more waiting. I will make the time and do the rewrites.  Stay tuned.


  1. Now that you've given your recalcitrant self a good talking to, are those rewrites happening??

    1. Soon! Probably day after tomorrow. Yes, seriously. :)

  2. Be gentle with yourself or you will make an enemy in yourmind and give up on the rewrites. Prolly doesn't need much rewriting anyway.

  3. That's kind, Christine. I absolutely must get to work here. Have to.