Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Coming Attractions

It's November.  In the northern hemisphere autumn is flaming out, with drifts of leaves and in some places, yes, the first snows.  I love autumn, with its chilly nights and beautiful trees.  I appreciate not shoveling snow. The holidays loom on the horizon like some vast planet toward which we hurtle.  

Why am I telling you what you already know?  Because a book of mine should be out in paperback in time for the holidays.  The book is "February's Country", poetry, which is already available in kindle and ebook formats.  I've always wanted to have my poetry in print, real print.  This year I will have two poetry books, "Meow Cat Poems" and "February's Country" out in print!  Holiday attractions!

And yes, I know that "Burning Bright", the sequel to "Tiger Lily", is very much over due.  I am anxious to finish it and it will be finished soon.  It's a just slightly later "coming attraction".


  1. BRAVA!!! Your poetry has such elegance of language and expression!

  2. "... a book ... out in paperback" I noticed that there is no wikipedia page for Noel-Anne_Brennan. You should create one. Wikipedia pages help to sell books. Also, my guess is that you are one of the four children of the prolific author Noel Gerson. Am I correct? Was Noel Gerson born in Chicago?

  3. Right on all counts, David Brown.