Friday, May 10, 2013

I just realized....

...that I should blog.  An entry is overdue.  Why this is so hard, I don't know, but I usually think I have nothing to say.  I could babble sociological buzz theory about growing up a female of my generation and what that did to my self-confidence blather blather, but even I don't care.  There are much more important issues.

Spring has finally arrived.  I have a window and the screen door open.  The scent of lilacs floods in on the breeze.  My little cat is drowsing by the screen door, where she can keep an eye on the birds outside.  I need  to deal with some stuff for a print edition and I need to get to work on the sequel to "Tiger Lily".  And then there is the scent of lilacs and the purr of a cat.


  1. I have the same problem about blogging. Which is why my blog is basically dormant. I get ideas, then get busy with something else. Guess it just is not a big priority for me. Yet, when I read yours or others, I think, I really want to do that!

    1. Please blog, Chris! You can do it!