Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cat poetry!

I have a new book of poetry out, "Meow, Cat Poems".  Is this a book of poems about cats or by cats or both?  I'll let the reader decide. The poems range from the serious to the humorous, including a limerick about the cat from Nantucket, which I wrote on a dare.  (It's clean; that was the dare.)  The book is available in e-formats only, from either Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Both stores give away free apps for reading on devices other than kindle or nook. (Yes, I know some of you read books on your phones.  Some day you can tell me just how you do that.) I especially love the cover, a photograph of two of my former cats in a playful confrontation.  Their spirits still inspire me.

By the way; my Maine Coon-esque cat Cal claims that he is the true author of this book, at least by virtue of having shed enough fur on my keyboard.

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