Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Tiger Lily" and the e-book

I finally have another novel published,  "Tiger Lily".  It was a long process.  It's out in e-book only right now, available for both Kindle and Nook from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, respectively.  

Having my own books published in e-format  seems ironic.  I always swore I wasn't going to be one of those "electronic people" walking around glued to a device. This is peculiar because I didn't hesitate when it came to writing books on a computer instead of a typewriter (or longhand!).   But reading, well that was different.

 I was someone who loved the feel of a "real" book, the sound of a page turning, the amount of space it takes up - wait.  Not that last part.  I do still love print books and I will never stop reading them.  And buying them.  But that thing about the space, well, that's important.  My house, which is small to begin with, is crammed with books.  (I rarely get rid of them.)  E-books don't take up physical space.  Point to the e-book.

There is also the instant gratification feature.  Want to read that?  Download it! Blam!  There it is, calling you away from whatever you are supposed to be doing.  Books have always been able to take precedence over work in my life but the instant gratification thing, that's new.  So I joined the ranks of the e-reader people.  And I now write books that have been published only in e-format.  I have been dragged into the twenty-first century.

Oh, and "Tiger Lily".  There's a woman who can shape-shift into a tiger.  That's just the beginning of the weirdness.  Go check it out.  It's an e-book.  (Eventually I'll get over it.)

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