Saturday, August 27, 2011

Queen of the Ants

Yesterday a new swarm of carpenter ants considered taking over the old nest in the closet or starting a new one. It could be there were a few survivors from the recent Great Carpenter Ant Destruction. So I got the spray out and sprayed the nest entrance.  The spray works by getting tracked into the nest and killing the ants later.  I sprayed the foundation of the house right outside.  And I vacuumed.  And vacuumed some more.  

All of this is in Cal's "cave", the little closet. Cal is my big, shy Maine Coon type kitty who needs his special retreat. Now his retreat is off-limits again, which is the cause for much sad meeping.

But back to the ants.  The poison works only on certain kinds of ants and some other insects. It does not work on mammals, birds, or even spiders. Humans are not supposed to be able to detect it, but I have a funny taste in my mouth and my throat is sore.  Ants keep finding me, running up to me, running up me, madly waving their antennae. They are trying to communicate; I know it.  Some of them bring me gifts of, well, I'm not sure I want to know what, held in their little ant jaws. Am I the new carpenter ant queen? <cue creepy music>

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  1. Looking forward to drinking coffee with the Ant Queen soon...