Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Apparently it's not Spring

At least, not yet.  We had more snow and now lots of wind and there's ice everywhere.  It will melt, of course, but as a student said today, "I think the March lion kinda ate the March lamb."  She may kinda have a point. I know eventually the hummingbirds will return, but for now, I'm still enjoying the woodpeckers.  Here is my downy friend again, enjoying some suet.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's here!

I went back into my wood patch and there they were, poking up through the leaf litter and semi-frozen soil: little daffodil shoots.  It's here!  Spring is here!

Friday, March 7, 2014

book festival!

I'm thrilled, delighted, flattered and nervous!  I was invited to the Newport, RI Public Library on May 3 to be one of the authors at their "Festival of Five".   I will be one of five women authors from New England to be on a sort of panel/round table to be interviewed and to answer questions from the audience.  I have no idea right now who the other four will be, but I am excited to find out.  I have never participated in anything like this but it sounds like a lot of fun!  I think there will be some books for sale, which means I have an excuse to feed my book addiction.  Right now this is pretty much all I know.  Oh, right, the festival begins at 2 PM and it's open to the public, so stop by if you're in the neighborhood!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

woo hoo!

The Amazon promotion is over.  The results were great!  There were free downloads in every country with an Amazon store, except Mexico and Spain.  Hundreds of free kindle copies of "The Sword of the Land" were downloaded, and "Sword" hit number ten in the rankings for epic science fiction and fantasy and also for sword and sorcery (free listings). I hope people enjoy the book!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

And what I forgot ...

Of course I forgot to give a link to the book.  Sigh.  Here it is; check it out tomorrow. Tiny url is a great free service, btw:

Free book! Presidents Day give-away!

Presidents Day Freebie! If you haven't read "The Sword of the Land", it's a free Amazon kindle book for two days, starting on Monday, February 17 through Tuesday, February 18.  So get it while it's hot! (Shameless promotion here.) Of course, if you have Amazon Prime, you can still borrow it for free.  And for my cat-loving friends, yes, it has a big cat in it.  Doesn't everything?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

And now, back to work.

I was recently asked why I'm not blogging.  I have a blog, right, so why am I not using it?  I could say that I'm suddenly teaching a course that I didn't really expect to have (true) and that, as usual, I have all sorts of "stuff" going on in my life (true).  More important is the fact that I am in re-writes.

I hate re-writes.  Well, okay, maybe I just dislike them.  Nope.  I think I hate them.  They have to be done, though, so I'm doing them, and that takes a lot of work. And fidgeting.  And grumbling.  Much grumbling.  On the plus side, it's means the book is much closer to being released.  The book is "Burning Bright", the sequel to "Tiger Lily", for those of you who have been asking me.

So that's my excuse for not blogging.  Blame it on the re-writes.  And now, back to work.  Stay tuned.